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Colbert Packaging Achieves G7 Master Qualification

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (June 11, 2015) – Colbert Packaging Corporation, a leading manufacturer of folding cartons, rigid setup boxes and paperboard specialty products, today announced that it has achieved the level of G7 Master in its manufacturing plants. G7 is an international standard for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems to a common visual neutral grayscale appearance. The G7 Master Qualification, which was awarded by Idealliance, signifies that Colbert Packaging possesses the knowledge and skills required to meet the G7 methodology in a graphic communications production environment.

“This certification speaks to our commitment to protecting the integrity of our customers’ brands, and we’re pleased to have achieved it in our facilities,” said Jim Hamilton, president of Colbert Packaging. “With G7 in effect in our facilities, we know that the branded packaging we produce for our customers will match any branded materials produced by their other G7-qualified suppliers.”

The G7 Master Qualification is sought-after recognition of excellence in printing. A comprehensive set of established best practices and specifications, G7 uses gray balance as the driving force for achieving a close visual match from proof to press as well as a similar printed appearance regardless of the technologies, presses and substrates used in production. Customers of G7 Master Printers benefit from the most modern technology, techniques and process controls available today.

“We print on a new Heidelberg offset press, a CPS flexographic press and various Mitsubishi, Mark Andy and Manroland presses. We use different types of paperboard, including SBS and recycled, as well as conventional, ultraviolet and soy-based inks, to produce custom folding cartons, rigid setup boxes, formed paper trays, labels, inserts and more,” said Bill Snyder, vice president of operations for Colbert Packaging. “G7 helps us achieve consistent color quality across these many variables.”

Colbert Packaging also helps its customers protect brand integrity through the use of security inks, UV coatings and other features that can be incorporated into various packaging solutions.

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Idealliance is a global community of more than 1,600 brand owners, agencies, publishers, pre-media and print service providers, and their material suppliers and technology partners. Idealliance works with its community members to identify best practices for efficient end-to-end digital media workflows – from content creation through delivery. Through its active committees, educational conferences, webinars, training and certification programs, Idealliance provides its members the forum for the exchange of information that results in the creation of the media production industry’s most valued standards.

About Colbert Packaging Corporation
Since its founding in 1959, Colbert Packaging has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality folding cartons, rigid setup boxes, labels and inserts, and paperboard specialty products. The company’s custom folding carton, flexographic packaging, pressure-sensitive roll label and product information insert operations are based in Lake Forest, Ill. A separate folding carton, rigid setup box and paper tray forming facility is located in Elkhart, Ind., which is also home to Colbert’s stock box program.


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