We all share in the responsibility of being wise stewards of scarce materials and implementing measures that reduce our carbon footprint.

We are proud to do our part. While we must consume energy and natural resources to run our operations, we are also committed to operating our business in the most environmentally responsible manner – by reducing our use of nonrenewable resources and increasing energy efficiency in each of our facilities. Our sustainability initiatives provide a solid framework for employing good business practices in the quest for a greener world.


  • Our manufacturing facilities hold SFI and FSC chain of custody certifications.
  • Most of our cartons, and many specialty packages, are made using sustainable and recyclable board.
  • Our paper-based packaging can be recycled by anyone who has access to recycling programs.
  • We recycle, on average, 6,200 tons of paperboard scraps annually.
  • Our facilities are designed for energy efficiency, with direct, one-way movement through production.
  • The energy-efficient lighting we use in our facilities reduces our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We continually invest in new equipment that reduces our energy usage and streamlines our operations.
  • BlisterGuard reduces the use of petroleum-based plastics by up to 70% versus RF-sealed clamshells.
  • BlisterGuard and EnviroGuard have both received PPC Eco Excellence Awards.
  • BlisterGuard received the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Sustainable Technology Award.
  • Our clamshell alternatives are often up to 35% cheaper to cost neutral than plastic clamshells.
  • Sustainable packaging can also deliver the benefits of security, branding and affordability.

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