The Proven Clamshell Alternative

  • Award-winning, patented, customizable package design.
  • Complies with retailers’ sustainability requirements.
  • Reduces petroleum-based plastic use by up to 70 percent.
  • Deters in-store tampering and pilferage with built-in security.
  • Lowers consumer injury rates with safer-to-open materials.
  • Delivers high visual appeal and maximizes shelf presentation.
  • Generally costs less than traditional plastic clamshells.
  • Optional tear-resistant hanger hole for product displays.


Sustainability. Strength. Security. Stackability. Style. Savings.

BlisterGuard is a highly versatile, designer-friendly package that delivers sustainability – but without sacrificing strength, security, stackability, style or savings. It is manufactured using heat-sealable solid bleached sulfate paperboard laminated with a multilayer strength film, together with a thermoformed blister, a paperboard-based design that offers manufacturers many benefits.

The large printable area generates maximum brand impact and shelf presentation, giving commercial products high visibility in retail settings. BlisterGuard is also recyclable* and meets retailers’ demands for more sustainable packaging by reducing the use of petroleum-based plastics by up to 70 percent. And by design, the lack of sharp edges makes BlisterGuard safer to open than traditional RF-sealed plastic clamshells. (Tear-resistant at the store, BlisterGuard is easy to open at home with a pair of scissors.)

BlisterGuard Samples BlisterGuard is ideal for a variety of products, including …

  • Any product currently packaged in an RF-sealed plastic clamshell.
  • Commercial goods requiring display through transparent packaging.
  • Heavy products that need to be housed in a strong and durable package.
  • High-value items that must be safeguarded with a pilfer-resistant design.
  • Products that hang in standalone displays and at point-of-purchase counters.


The Environmentally Friendly Choice

  • BlisterGuard eliminates printed inserts commonly associated with plastic clamshells.
  • BlisterGuard reduces energy consumption by using less plastic/polymer material.
  • BlisterGuard uses paperboard, a renewable resource, as its primary raw material.
  • BlisterGuard can be recycled and reused to manufacture other paper and paperboard.*
  • BlisterGuard may reduce costs by up to 35 percent over plastic clamshells.

* BlisterGuard may be recycled in programs that accept mixed material packaging.