Compliance Packaging

Pharmaceutical companies continue to replace nondescript amber vials with our unit dose packages, designed to improve patient compliance.

Approximately one-third of American adults who are prescribed medications are noncompliant with their treatment regimen. This noncompliance poses serious health risks to patients and a simple oversight in dosage administration can be deadly. And because adverse reactions, polypharmacy and simple oversights all contribute to hospital admissions, patient noncompliance is a problem that affects the entire healthcare industry. Noncompliance is estimated to cost the industry tens of billions of dollars per year.

Clinical trials have shown that forgetfulness is the primary cause of noncompliance. Our pharmaceutical customers are addressing this “forgetfulness factor” by replacing amber vials with unit dose solutions that integrate brandable paperboard and customizable pill blister cards for expanded label content, high visibility and built-in track-and-trace features. Unit dose packaging that engages patients, fosters knowledge and simplifies accountability increases the chance that the drug therapy will benefit the patient.

We offer a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of paperboard-based unit dose packaging solutions. Each type of package can be fully branded and customized – and manufactured using secure and sustainable materials. Most can accommodate a wide range of blister cavities, with printed dosage numbers, dates or other instructions that ensure easy-to-follow treatment regimens.

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