The Next Generation in Sustainable Packaging

  • Eco-friendly, award-winning, patented consumer product package.
  • A designer’s dream – so many design and material configurations.
  • Complies with retailers’ sustainability requirements.
  • Built-in security deters in-store tampering and pilferage.
  • Lowers consumer injury rates with safer-to-open materials.
  • Delivers high visual appeal and maximizes shelf presentation.


Eco-Friendly. Brand-Friendly. Retail-Friendly.

EnviroGuard is one of the most versatile, sustainable and secure paperboard packaging solutions on the market today.

This designer-friendly package is a great alternative to RF-sealed plastic clamshells traditionally used to package various products sold in retail settings. The environmentally responsible design minimizes or eliminates the use of plastic by replacing a traditional plastic blister with a customizable ribbed paper tray that is cinched and sealed at the edges for rigidity, security and durability.

EnviroGuard can be manufactured using dozens of custom configurations and materials, including paperboard and corrugate, and if needed, even small amounts of plastic. The formed paper tray can be made with or without tear-resistant paperboard. Produced with heat-sealable solid bleached sulfate paperboard laminated with a multilayer strength film, the tear-resistant board delivers maximum protection against in-store tampering and pilferage. Flat paperboard can also be integrated into the front or back of the package for product-specific tray utilization and an ideal product-to-package ratio. Exceptional design flexibility and adaptability enables manufacturers to create fully customized versions of EnviroGuard to match product, brand and retail requirements.

EnviroGuard achieves the best shelf presentation because it provides a large printable area and eliminates the inserts commonly required with plastic clamshells. This visibility in the retail aisle delivers a competitive edge for products packaged in EnviroGuard.


The Environmentally Responsible Choice

  • EnviroGuard eliminates printed inserts commonly associated with plastic clamshells.
  • EnviroGuard reduces energy consumption by using little to no plastic/polymer material.
  • EnviroGuard uses paperboard, a renewable resource, as its primary raw material.
  • EnviroGuard can be recycled and reused to manufacture other paper and paperboard.*
  • EnviroGuard may reduce costs by up to 35 percent over plastic clamshells.

* EnviroGuard may be recycled in programs that accept mixed material packaging.