MedLock EZ

A Family of Sustainable Unit Dose Packages

  • Unit dose package that promotes patient compliance.
  • Rated F=1 for child-resistant, senior-friendly design.
  • Patented functional design and locking mechanism.
  • Squeeze, hold and slide actions release blister card.
  • Accommodates a wide range of pill blister card sizes.
  • Paperboard-based design is environmentally friendly.
  • Fully brandable on all package surfaces.


Compliance, Security and Sustainability in One Compact Package

MedLock EZ has the power to improve patient compliance, while delivering package sustainability and security. When subjected to Consumer Product Safety Commission testing protocols, MedLock EZ tested to F=1 for child-resistant, senior-friendly effectiveness – high CPSC safety marks – thanks to a patented locking mechanism that’s integrated within the package design.

This fully brandable unit dose package consists of an outer paperboard shell housing a pill blister card, which is locked into place. To release the blister card, the patient squeezes and holds touch-points at one end of the shell while sliding the card out through the other end. Once the card is exposed, a dosage can be pressed through one of the blisters. Sliding the blister card back into the outer shell reengages the lock. (This does not require the squeeze-and-hold action.) A click can be heard when the lock reengages.

Because the shell is manufactured entirely out of paperboard, MedLock EZ is brandable and recyclable* – and a great replacement for amber pharmacy vials and nondescript blister cards that make dosage tracking a challenge. MedLock EZ’s large printable area offers ample opportunity to engage patients in drug treatment regimens. With MedLock EZ, pharmaceutical companies can foster adherence by communicating clear and consistent dosing instructions, and by making dosages easy to dispense and track.

MedLock EZ is customizable. It is available in multiple footprints to accommodate different types of medications and blister card sizes. It is typically produced from uncoated solid bleached sulfate paperboard, which is printed, cut, folded and glued together, resulting in a solid piece that forms the outer shell. A variety of inks, coatings and special effects can be used with MedLock EZ.


MedLock EZ vs. MedLock

MedLock is the sister package to the MedLock EZ family of unit dose packages. MedLock and MedLock EZ both promote patient compliance. Both designs feature the blister card locking mechanism, and both are rated F=1. Where they differ is in the outer shell construction. MedLock EZ is made from a single sheet of paperboard folded and glued together to form one solid piece that resembles a carton, while MedLock consists of a tear-resistant formed paper tray and fold-over lid that are heat-sealed together.

* MedLock EZ may be recycled in programs that accept mixed material packaging.