Patient Compliance. Easy as 1-2-3!

  • Patented unit dose package that promotes compliance.
  • Rated F=1 for child-resistant package design.
  • Achieves 98% senior-friendly effectiveness.
  • Simple three-step process for medication access.
  • Fully customizable with ample branding space.


Child-Resistant, Senior-Friendly Packaging

PharmaDial is a patented unit dose package for pharmaceuticals that promotes patient compliance. It incorporates security and safety features that are both senior-friendly and child-resistant. When subjected to Consumer Product Safety Commission testing protocols, PharmaDial received high marks, testing to F=1 for child resistance and 98% senior-friendly effectiveness. The tamper-resistant security also deters pilferage – safeguarding against the illegal distribution of potentially life-threatening medications.

PharmaDial is fully customizable and provides for design flexibility without a significant capital investment. It can be designed to accommodate any number of blister cavities and is easily adaptable to standard form, fill and seal equipment.


The EZ-3 Protective Blister Card Solution

PharmaDial’s EZ-3 design calls for the patient to perform a simple three-step process to access their medication.

The patient peels a tab, turns the dial 90 degrees, then pushes the tablet through the back of the package. PharmaDial features large easy-to-grip functionality and simple, intuitive steps designed to be easily used by adults, but not by children.