Tear-Resistant Solution for Compliance Packages

  • Based on the award-winning, patented BlisterGuard package.
  • Provides enhanced security to patient compliance packages.
  • Material is resistant to tearing, biting and moisture.
  • Complies with retailers’ sustainability requirements.
  • Fully customizable and brandable.


PharmaGuard Enhances Pharmaceutical Packaging Security

Based on our award-winning BlisterGuard security package, PharmaGuard is a tear, bite and moisture-resistant solution designed to help pharmaceutical companies achieve their F rating goals. With PharmaGuard integrated into any of our patient compliance packages, medications are safeguarded against child tampering – and yet the package remains easy for seniors to open.

PharmaGuard combines Everest Safe-Pak heat-sealable solid bleached sulfate paperboard from International Paper with a special multilayer strength film. PharmaGuard can be recycled in programs that accept mixed material packaging.