Secure Packaging

Our product portfolio includes a variety of secure packaging solutions as well as security features designed to protect products and brands.

You’ve invested a lot of time, money and resources into developing your product and your brand. Don’t let these valuable assets fall victim to pilferers and counterfeiters. Here are a few of the ways we can help you protect them …

Source Tagging Sensors
As a certified provider of RF-EAS source tagging sensors, we can automatically apply Sensormatic and Checkpoint source tagging sensors during production to increase asset protection – without the traditional labor costs associated with manual tagging.

  • Colbert Packaging is a Qualified Source for Applying ADT Sensormatic.
  • Colbert Packaging is a Checkpoint Certified Source Tagging Packaging Partner.

Built-In Pilfer Resistance
We can also protect your product by producing your packaging with our special tear-resistant and bite-resistant paperboard. Or perhaps you want to consider one of our specialty packaging solutions designed to protect products in retail settings.

  • Tear-resistant paperboard, like PharmaGuard for our unit dose packages, enhances package security.
  • BlisterGuard and SecureOTC are two specialty packages that can thwart tampering and theft.

Assorted Security Inks
And to protect the integrity of your brand and prevent counterfeiting, we offer an assortment of invisible, colorless, light-reactive, heat-sensitive and coin-reactive inks that provide instant authentication when exposed to verification technologies.

  • Invisible inks are instantly verified when scratched with a coin or other rigid object.
  • Colorless inks fluoresce a visible color only under short-wave or long-wave UV light.
  • Light-reactive fluorescent inks provide prompt, reversible color when exposed to UV light.
  • Heat-sensitive inks exhibit a distinct color change when rubbed with a finger.