Prevent Retail Pilferage and Promote Proper Drug Usage

  • Innovative patent-pending package for OTC medications.
  • Reduces retail pilferage and stores medication safely.
  • Blister card is securely sealed within the outer carton.
  • Medication remains with drug facts, instructions and warnings.
  • Ideal for tablets, capsules, vitamins and other pills.
  • Fully customizable with branding and drug information.
  • Accommodates a wide range of blister cavities.


Packaging is the Solution

SecureOTC for over-the-counter medications has the power to thwart pilferage and promote proper drug usage.

While the practice of using blister cards in OTC pharmaceutical packaging is common, the blister card is typically an independent, removable component. In the retail aisle, pilferers can open the outer carton, remove the blister card and leave the empty carton on the shelf. Furthermore, most blister cards do not contain drug facts, dosage instructions, warnings and expiration dates; these key details are commonly found on the outer carton. Since the premise of OTC medications is self-prescription and administration, the information printed on the carton is essential to proper treatment. When the medication is removed from the carton and the carton discarded, whether intentionally through pilferage or unintentionally at home, the medication becomes subject to misuse.

An all-in-one packaging solution for OTC medications, SecureOTC provides unparalleled protection for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and consumers. It consists of a brandable outer carton and blister card – configured together as one package. Unlike traditional OTC packages, where the blister card is easily removable, SecureOTC locks the blister card within the outer carton.

To open, the consumer lifts the back flap and pulls a zipper to access the blister card. This process allows the medication to be easily removed without damaging the outer carton. The carton remains intact and can be kept for consumer reference.