Value-Added Services

We do more than just make great packaging. As a full-service packaging supplier, we combine great packaging with value-added services.

Design-to-Delivery Services
Offset and Flexographic Printing
Structural Design
Full In-House Prepress
Color Matching Kodak Proofing System
Technical Sales Support
In-House Sheeting
Ink Blending and Matching
Die Making and Die Cutting
Gluing and Windowing
Inspection and Quality Control
Board Stocking Program
Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) Program
Warehousing, Just in Time Delivery
Automatic RF-EAS Source Tagging
Security Ink Solutions
Braille Embossing
Cold Foil and HoloCure

What is Superior Service?
Superior service is a company-wide commitment to being responsive to customers and providing prompt answers and accurate information. It’s dependability, consistency and flexibility. It’s problem-solving, innovation and continuous improvement. It’s design excellence, production quality and on-time delivery. We are able to deliver superior service because, from our leadership to our production floor, each of us is thoroughly vested in understanding and supporting your products, processes and requirements.