It’s Zip-Simple!

  • Award-winning, patent-pending combination package design.
  • Combines folding cartons and printed, micro-folded inserts.
  • Increases packaging line efficiency and simplifies operations.
  • Reduces labor costs, downtime and inventory.
  • Decreases package handling and improves overall quality.
  • Enables drug manufacturers to meet unit-of-use requirements.
  • Cartons and inserts are fully customizable to meet specific needs.
  • One reputable supplier produces both the carton and the insert.


Cartons Plus Inserts in One Easy-to-Use Solution

Zip-Sert is a turnkey combination packaging solution built on our expertise in producing folding cartons and package inserts.

Both the carton and the insert are customizable. The custom folding cartons can be produced from any conventional carton stock – including paperboard certified as having originated in well-managed forests – and printed and die cut on offset or flexographic presses. The inserts, printed and micro-folded into as many as 238 panels, are applied to the cartons during the gluing and folding process using onserting attachments. The Zip-Sert design includes a ramp effect that allows products to be easily dropped into the cartons, a feature that helps eliminate the risk of a product getting hung up on an insert glued to the inside wall of the carton.

We can scan bar codes on both the insert and the folding carton during the final manufacturing step when inserts are placed to ensure accuracy, and we can provide a certificate of compliance that meets cGMP standards and complies with FDA regulations.

Zip-Sert improves product information presence because it has a unique zipper feature that allows for easy access to the insert from the outside of the carton. It also alleviates confusion. When a prescription medication contains both physician and patient literature, the physician’s insert may be readily viewed from the outside of the package and removed via the zipper pocket.