Combination Packaging

Need folding cartons and package inserts? We can do both. We even created a paperboard specialty package that combines the two.

We are a leading manufacturer of custom folding cartons and package inserts, and because we can produce both under one roof, we’re able to help you reduce your labor costs and inventory, while simplifying your material requirements.

  • Most of the inserts we produce are those that accompany pharmaceuticals, but we can also combine many other types of inserts – instructions, rules, warranty cards, coupons, product samples, etc. – within our packaging solutions.
  • Our custom-designed packaging solutions can include built-in windows, die cuts, zipper pockets and other unique features that accommodate inserts. We also offer Zip-Sert, a turnkey solution that combines cartons and inserts in one unit.

Zip-Sert enables pharmaceutical companies to meet unit-of-use requirements without incurring the cost of new equipment.