Custom Folding Cartons

Effectively communicate your brand, maximize shelf appeal in the retail aisle, and protect your products with custom folding cartons.

Packaging plays a vital role in product sales. It has the power to sell your product – or send buyers to the competition. For many products, that make-it-or-break-it moment occurs in retail settings. The retail shelf serves as the final moment in your marketing campaign and your last chance to promote your product before purchase. Your package must capture the buyer’s attention.

But the role of packaging extends well beyond its marketing duties. The right package can also be designed with asset protection, product distribution and corporate sustainability goals in mind. We can help you create just the right package for your product.

We manufacture fully customized folding cartons designed to maximize shelf appeal – and we offer many ways to customize your folding cartons. Eye-catching curves, crisp colors, detailed graphics, die cuts, windows, zippers, metallic foils, holographic effects, and other distinctive features can be built into any folding carton style. We can also produce cartons using sustainable materials, including SFI-certified paperboard, and we can include various security options that enhance product and brand protection.

Many suppliers can produce folding cartons, but for nearly six decades, we’ve been delivering cartons with a level of service that’s unmatched in the industry. Our commitment to service excellence is shared by everyone – from our leadership team to our expert sales professionals and dedicated customer service representatives to our design services people and production personnel.