Package Inserts

We can micro-fold inserts into as many as 238 panels and produce over 2.8 million custom-printed and micro-folded paper inserts daily.

Our advanced technologies produce a broad range of insert types, including text-heavy inserts that must be folded many times.

  • Print in multi-color or black and white.
  • Six-color presses include sheet-fed and roll-sheeting.
  • Micro-fold inserts into as many as 238 panels.
  • RTA and ribbon-style folds and piggy back available.
  • Completed inserts are counted using automated, non-contact tools.
  • Quality is assured through 100% print and content verification.
  • Production capacity exceeds 2.8 million inserts per day.

We can also custom-design packaging solutions that include built-in windows, die cuts, zipper pockets and other unique features that can accommodate inserts. For example, our patented Zip-Sert solution combines a folding carton and a paper insert in one easy-to-use unit. Zip-Sert has a zipper feature that allows for easy access to the paper insert from the carton’s exterior.