Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Our labeling technologies produce brilliant graphics, eye-catching die cuts and virtually invisible edge lines for maximum brand impact.

Innovations like packaging decoration transfer and clear “no label” label designs create opportunities to use pressure-sensitive roll labels to drive product line expansion and differentiation. And in addition to the numerous branding benefits, labeling also offers a broad range of operational advantages, including less waste, reduced cleanup, increased line capacities and quick turnarounds.

Pressure-Sensitive Roll Labels
  • Many different label shapes and sizes are available.
  • Hidden edge lines can be produced using clear-on-clear film.
  • Graphics and colors are crisply printed on web-fed label rolls.
  • UV coating is available on eight different colors.
  • High-speed applicators enable fast production lines.
  • Consecutive backside numbering eliminates manual counts.
  • Quality is assured through 200% visual inspection of all labels.

Pressure-sensitive roll labels are ideal for a variety of pharmaceutical, healthcare and commercial products that are sold in plastic containers, squeeze tubes, flexible packs, re-sealable packages, and disposable and convenience packages.