Rigid Setup Boxes

We can design and manufacture custom rigid setup boxes in precisely the size you need to accommodate your product.

Built for durability, rigid setup boxes are capable of providing a high degree of structural integrity while promoting brands in the retail aisle. In addition to their intrinsic rigidity, which provides for strength and stackability under pressure, rigid setup boxes also offer operational advantages because of the simplicity of their construction (no assembly required) and ease of product loading.

Rigid Setup Boxes Rigid setup boxes an ideal packaging solution for a wide variety of heavy, bulky, fragile and high-value products, including …

  • automotive and hardware
  • medical instruments
  • consumer electronics
  • cards and stationery
  • toys and games
  • jewelry and glassware
  • cookies and candies
  • and much more

We can build distinctive features into our rigid setup boxes. We can also produce them using sustainable materials, including SFI-certified paperboard, and we can incorporate various security options that enhance product and brand protection.